Website development, SEO, Social Media Strategy, for all business great and small.

Get on with what you do best and let us to make you look good doing it online





Your website is your 24/7 sales tool and should reflect the personality of your business and showcase your offering in a clear concise way.

Your website is the most important sales tool you have. Digital real estate is important in building credibility, providing information and selling your products and services. 

The purpose of your social media campaigns is to drive traffic to your website where the most up to date and comprehensive information about your business lives. It is the digital home of your businesses and encourages your customers to take actions such as calling you or buying your products directly. 

If your website is not efficient or out of date you are not doing your business any favours. Competition is fierce and if your website isn't giving customers what they want, they will seek our your competitors that are doing it better. 

A 'la Marketing offers website design based on Wordpress, Wix and Squarespace platforms, making them easy to use and change and without high costs associated with custom build sites. 

Our sites are simple, visual and effective, putting your business up in lights while providing customers with a user friendly experience. 

Our websites are integrated with social media as well as analytics, and can offer additional functionality such as:

  • shopping carts
  • live chat
  • enchanced cyber security
  • events and events calendars



SEO allows Google to read and understand your site as well as direct people searching for your service to your site. Generally, it increases the relevant traffic to your site and places you higher in the search rankings. This allows for more on-line visibility of the site. We can target certain search queries and terms which we agree will be bring the right people to your website. These are what is known as the keywords. Coupled with a social media campaign, this will have a positive and powerful effect on the site in terms of
relevant visitors.





Are you online? All of your customers are. We can make it easy for you with strategy, management, design, campaigns and training. Our services are tailored based on the type of business you run and the impact you want to make. Anything is possible.





While your business may not have a need for a Marketing department, marketing work such a strategy is always needed. We can help you put together a marketing plan, advise on media buying, or do a simple marketing audit and provide advise. 

The advantage for you if that you get all the expertise of a team, without the hassle of staff management.




If you present yourself well, others will be attracted to what you have to say. Looks ARE everything in business and if your brand looks sloppy that is how you may be perceived.