The Hottest Website Trends in 2018 - What to embrace, what to avoid, and why


Website design is just like fashion. You wouldn’t be caught wearing super low-rise, wide-legged cargo pants with a spaghetti-strap slogan tank top in 2018, so why would you allow your website (the face of your business!) to wear the digital equivalent (think Flash animation, music, white text, and bobble heads)?

Just like in the world of fashion, choosing a design simply because it’s on-trend right now isn’t necessarily wise. Considering your website is the most important sales tool you have, you need to ask yourself if your chosen design will date well, or whether in a year’s time it will resemble Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake circa 2001.

A new trend can look visually appealing, but if it’s missing the required functionality, it isn’t going to do your business any favours. The competition out there is fierce, and if your website is out of date, slow, or ineffective, your clients are likely to look elsewhere for a positive user experience. We’ve compiled a list of this year’s biggest website trends with advice as to whether you should embrace it, or avoid it. 

Bold, confident colours

2018 has seen web designers move away from the sleek, elegant, and understated monochromatic pallet of past years and embrace the spectrum of exciting colours on offer.

Our verdict: Embrace with caution. Colour can be an amazing tool, and with an array of tools and tutorials available, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to use it. Just make sure you really love what you’ve chosen, because rebranding in six months when you’re sick of the sight of deep plum will be a real pain.


Brands are cementing their uniqueness this year through the use of fun illustrations. They give websites a playful vibe, while keeping the user experience simple. Not just for use in logos, illustrations can also be an excellent and engaging way of conveying information.

Our verdict: Yes! Give the geometrical shapes and safe typography the boot and embrace your individuality.

Speaking of typography…

Designers are embracing the power of this tool and taking it to new heights. They’ve ditched “less is more” simplicity and taken to heart a “bigger is better” philosophy. Personality is in!

Our verdict: Step away from the Comic Sans! Just kidding (not about the Comic Sans), but tread carefully. Personality is great, but if you choose to embrace the illustration trend maybe keep the font simply, and vice versa.


Taking the illustration trend a whole leap farther, animation is helping businesses promote their messages in a fun and engaging way. Some companies are even using animated logos to set their business apart from the rest, and with the plethora of programs and apps on the market, anyone who’s willing to sit down and learn can produce a decent animation. GIFs are right on trend at the moment too, and they’re super simple to make and use.

Our verdict: Animation is an exciting development, but it won’t be ideal for every business. Ensure it fits your vision, and is consistent with your brand.

Being mobile friendly

Mobile web browsing overtook the use of desktops last year, so it’s no wonder there’s a huge focus on making websites mobile friendly.

Our verdict: Go where the people are, and give them what they want. Hint: They’re on their phones and they want intuitive, mobile and touch screen friendly websites (or apps!).

Whether you’re trendy or not won’t matter one iota or not if your website is missing the essentials: simple navigation, contact information, and “about” page, calls-to-action (for example, a signup), beautiful images, web fonts, and a well-thought out layout.

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