Using Snapchat to Promote Your Small Business: Tips and Tricks

Snapchat is a new kid on the social platform block but has gained a huge following with the ‘in crowd’ of savvy young people. Infact there are 200 million users worldwide. Snapchats core uptake demographic is 18- to 24-year-olds. This age group makes up 37 percent of Snapchat users. 25 to 34-year olds make up about 26 percent of Snapchatters, and about 12 percent of users are aged 35 to 54. So if this is your business target masrket, I urge you to pic up your smart device and start snapping!

Snapchat allows your customers more intimate access to your business than other social media sites, with behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive offers just some of the ways that you can build your brand.

Large corporations, such as McDonald’s, have already recognised Snapchat’s digital marketing potential. The company recently launched a ‘Snaplications’ campaign, where they created a Snapchat filter that allowed users to try on the McDonald’s uniform, and invited them to make a 10-second job application video. The company’s aim is to appeal to the 4 million daily Snapchat users in Australia, 82 per cent of whom are young people. If its good enough for MACCAS, then its probably worth considering for your small business too.

So why use Snapchat to promote your business?

It allows your consumers behind the scenes access

You can provide viewers with an unfiltered, inside look at how your business works. While watching your snaps, buyers will feel familiarity with your brand, and will get to know the story of your company. You can also share exclusive previews of any new products or events that may be in the pipeline.

Share promotional offers

Some businesses set challenges for their Snapchat viewers, such as posting a picture of themselves using your product, accompanied by a funny drawing or caption. The reward for these customers is a special coupon or offer that expires by a deadline. People are more likely to take action on offers (i.e. become consumers of your product) if the offers are time-limited.

Create personalised Geo- filters

Geo-filters are coooool! They work by placing branding or images over the top of your snaps which make them uniquly branded for you.

These filters start at a small cost, and can be personalised for your small business using trademarks and logos. The filter will pop up when the consumer is within range of your business, and will provide them with a way to personally engage with your brand.

Use your Snapchat base to address relevant issues

Authenticity is the key to success on this network – you can even post videos in real time that will have particular appeal to your younger customers. Personal care brand, Dove[Office5] , recently reached out to a younger audience through Snapchat, when it posted videos of 30 women chatting to psychologists over a 2 hour period. The women shared ideas and thoughts that could improve young women’s self-esteem. The snaps earned 130,000 views. Now while those are some huge numbers from a big brabd, it just goes to show the power that Snapchat can have.

Use Snapchat to demo your product

After you’ve already shared exclusive snaps of your upcoming new product or technology, you can use Snapchat to further demonstrate how that product or technology can be used. This way you have not only introduced your new product, but are also cleverly engaging with potential customers.

So there you have it. If you want to hit the young fun crowd get yourself a snapchat account, a cup of single origin coffee, an old school mustache and get snap happy!

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Ala Pie