My name is Ala.


I am the founder of A ‘la Marketing, a Digital Marketing Agency. I started this business out of desire for flexibility, but also dissonance for the ordinary. 

I believe marketing should feel alive, be interactive and have a personality that reflects who you are. I work with high quality partners to delivery website design, SEO, digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, content writing and campaigns. Think of us as your external marketing department.So what’s my story? 

I started in Marketing when Mac computers still had 8G of memory and radio was the best form of advertising. I have sold a variety of media and witnessed many exciting changes in marketing, with the emergence of modern technology and the birth of new communication channels. I believe that good marketing is grass roots, personal and affordable for a business. Most importantly it is engaging and targeted to a well defined audience, and it should have proven return on investment. I have worked in the private, public and not for profit sectors, I have been the client and the service provider. I have managed up and down the command chain and I am 100% confident in my abilities to provide businesses with concise marketing information and services which will lead them on a path to growth success. 

My ‘goals kicked’ list includes strategic planning and development, stakeholder engagement and communications, national campaign management (digital and traditional), branding, website design and project management and national conference marketing. I have also co-authored funding proposals from both Federal Government and commercial partners.I believe a solid digital marketing plan and knowledgeable execution is essential for all businesses intending to conduct successful communications with customers to achieve growth.

Try me.